The Elephant in London

Sunday 7th May 2006

The rocket in Horse Guards.JPG

The scooter in Horse Guards.JPG

The rocket and the Eye.JPG

The rocket and the Eye and Robert.JPG

The rocket and the Eye and Robert2.JPG

The rocket and the Eye and Robert3.JPG

The rocket and the Eye and Robert4.JPG

First glimpse of the little girl.JPG

First glimpse of the little girl2.JPG

First glimpse of the little girl3.JPG

Little Girl reversing.JPG

Little Girl reversing2.JPG

Little Girl does gymnastics.JPG

Little Girl does gymnastics2.JPG

Little Girl does gymnastics3.JPG

Little Girl does gymnastics4.JPG

Little Girl does gymnastics5.JPG

Little Girl does gymnastics6.JPG

Little Girl does gymnastics7.JPG

Little Girl does gymnastics8.JPG

Little Girl and men! do gymnastics.JPG

Little Girl and men! do gymnastics2.JPG

Little Girl and men! do gymnastics3.JPG

Little Girl and men! do gymnastics4.JPG

Little Girl prepares to move off.JPG

Little Girl moves off.JPG

Little Girl moves off2.JPG

Little Girl moves off3.JPG

Little Girl moves off4.JPG

Little Girl moves off5.JPG

Little Girl moves off6.JPG














Elephant emerging into Wateroo Place.JPG

Elephant emerging2.JPG

Elephant emerging3.JPG

Elephant emerging4.JPG

Elephant emerging5.JPG

Elephant emerging6.JPG

Elephant emerging7.JPG

Elephant emerging8.JPG

Elephant emerging9.JPG

Elephant emerginga.JPG

Elephant drowning the Police.JPG

Elephant drowning the Police2.JPG

close up with camera shake.JPG

Elephant drowning the Police3.JPG

Elephant drowning the Police4.JPG

Elephant moves off.JPG

Elephant moves off2.JPG

Elephant moves off3.JPG

Elephant moves off4.JPG

Elephant moves off5.JPG

Wet people.JPG

Wet people2.JPG

Elephant moves off6.JPG

Elephant moves off7.JPG

Elephant turns the corner into Pall Mall.JPG

Elephant turns the corner2.JPG

Elephant turns the corner3.JPG

Elephant turns the corner4.JPG

Elephant turns the corner5.JPG

Elephant turns the corner6.JPG

Elephant turns the corner7.JPG

Elephant turns the corner8.JPG

Elephant turns the corner9.JPG

Time traveller with sextant.JPG

More travellers.JPG

Elephant rampant.JPG

Elephant tail.JPG

Time traveller2.JPG

Sultan and ladies.JPG

Time traveller with sextant2.JPG

Time traveller with sextant3.JPG

Time traveller with sextant4.JPG

Little Girl on scooter in Horse Guards .JPG

Little Girl on scooter2.JPG

Little Girl on scooter3.JPG

Little Girl on scooter4.JPG

Nelson rennovations.JPG

Trafalgar Square.JPG

Charing Cross Arches.JPG

Charing Cross Footbridge.JPG

View from Charing Cross Footbridge.JPG